Thursday, September 10, 2009

Understand - Please – No more clicking to navigate between website contents

Since the advent of Internet, we are used to clicking the hyper links to browse web contents and jump to next site.

We have programmed our mind to automatically click a link to navigate between contents. Could we adapt to browsing without clicking?

To find out for yourself whether you could kick out your clicking habit, please visit .

This site was developed Ales by to find out whether we could have a better way of browsing without clicking.

Done using Flash and Mysql, it quite interesting how Alex shows us how develop website without the need for clicking.

Already got 600 000 visitors, so there a lot of people are curios about this idea.

Once you are browsing the site, could help yourself to stop clicking. Take a poll and find out for yourself.

We could replace clicking to activate a button by making certain mouse motion from left to right or vice versa, or move the mouse the in circular motion around the button or by time activated.

Or you could come with your own creative idea.

Based on their poll more than 60 % of the visitors “Don't miss the clicks after going to the site”.

Interesting idea and I think in the future to navigate between contents we will not clicking the mouse anymore.

Prepare yourself mentally before you enter the site !

Do you really miss clicking the mouse ?

Gotcha !

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