Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nigerian Scam Email - Love Letter Part 2

To read the first email sent by the spammer, please visit my Nigerian Scam Email - Love Letter.

So after I send a pity letter to her/him. The scammer has already replied back with what next to do.

The scammer wrote that she/him is writing from Abidjan Ivoire Coast, Cote D'Ivoire but the email address from china ( & Japan (

At least if you want to dupe people please try to make it more real by using a Cote D'Ivoire yahoo extension. I don't even know where is the Cote D'Ivoire. Need to check the map!

So, I will send some dummy information. We check what next the spammer is asking for? If I got any reply, I post it here.


My Reply

Hi Ameena

I pity your state, how I can help you.

2009/11/12 Miss Ameena Mohammad

My Nigerian Spammer Just Replied

Thanks From Miss Ameena Mohammad.
Ameena Mohammad Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 12:54 AM
To: Me

My Dearest Friend,
How are you today Dear. I hope all is well with you overthere? I thank you for your mail and your willingness to assist and help me relocate to your place, am praying that Almighty Allah will give us the strenght and understanding to work with each other because Allah know everything.

The proposal I sent to you is for your assistance in fund transfer and investment establishment in your base for long time mutual relationship in lucratives areas and I can assure you from my mind that I have maped out 15% of the fund to offer you for the assistant and to invest with you in your country as soon as the money transfer.

Meanwhile I wish to futher explain to you on the way we have to go about this transaction, I want to transfer the fund out of this country on your care, after which I shall travel out of this country immediately to meet with you in your base so that I can continue my education, then you will assist me to invest the money in a lucrative businesses because as a student I don't know anything in business field and that was why I have contacted you for my assistance.

Why I contacted you as a foreigner in this transaction was that my late father before his death, he warned me not to disclose anything about this deposit to any person here includin his relatives, he said that they will like to kill me to have access to the fund.

He strongly advised me that incase of death that I have to look for an Honest foreign partner / guardian who will assist me to move the fund out of this country for my investement purposes and to enable me relocate to further my studies, that was why I came accross your contact details after a very careful search and through prayers I was convienced and decided to contact you fo my assitance believing that you will not disapoint me in any way.

All the deposit documents which my late father used to made the deposit are intact with me which I will send you the deposit certificate of this money for prove to you and please do keep all this confidentail till i come and meet you after the transfer have made into your account Okay.

I also want to inform you that every needed arrangement have been made with me and the general manager of the bank where the fund is deposited. He promised that everything will be handle and concluded legaly and satisfactorily as soon as I have concluded with my foreign partner.

You must be informed that the money is a legaly acquired fund and must be invested in a legitmate ventures,
Now only what I needed from you is to be good and honest partner who will assist me to receive this fund over there for establishment while I come over to continue my education.

To enable us start working towards this transaction without further delay, I want you to send me your information for my urgency and I will forward the details to my Bank here as soon as you send it to me so that they can start the transfer process.

1. Your full name,address and introduction of your self.
2. Your Age and Occupation,
3. Your Telephone number for easy communication,
4. And Your ID card.

I am waiting for your Urgent response with your full identification in your next mail for me to forward it to the bank as my foreign partner for them to contact you to start the transfer arrangement for the onward transfer of my fund to your account in your country.

Please try to keep this transaction Extra ordinary confidential because this fund is my only future and the only hope of my survival.

I will like to see your picture and you can find mine on the attachment..
Thanks for your efforts and readiness to assist me out of this my present situation and may Allah bless you for your understanding.
Yours Sincerely,
Ameena Mohammad.

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