Saturday, December 19, 2009

GE90-115B - World's Most Powerful Commercial Jet Engine

Specifically designed for the Boeing 777, the GE90-115B holds the world record for thrust totalling 127,900 pounds of thrust.

Engine Overview

The GE90 represents GE's investment in the future of wide-body aircraft. Over the past two decades, GE's CF6 and CFM56* engines have been chosen to power more than 50 percent of all new aircraft ordered with a capacity of 100 passengers or more.

The GE90 combines the best proven technology from these engine programs, NASA and military programs with advanced technology to provide a highly reliable, fuel-efficient powerplant for the next generation of wide-body aircraft.

Originally certified in 1995 at 84,700 pounds of thrust, today's GE90 engines power newer, more advanced Boeing 777 aircraft capable of flying farther, faster and more efficiently than their predecessors.

The most powerful derivative of the GE90, the GE90-115B, is the sole powerplant for Boeing's longer-range 777-300ER. The GE90-115B certified at 115,000 lbs. of thrust and has broken a number of aviation records.

The GE90-115B derated to 110,000 lbs. of thrust (GE90-110B) powers the Boeing 777-200LR and the world's largest, most capable twin-engine freighter -- Boeing's 777 Freighter. The 777 Freighter will offer unsurpassed efficiency to long-haul markets and provide more capacity than any other twin-engine freighter.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognized the engine as the "World's Most Powerful Commercial Jet Engine" in 2001 after it recorded an amazing 123,000 lbs. of steady-state thrust while undergoing initial ground testing. In late 2002, the engine shattered its original record by reaching 127,900 lbs. of thrust during required certification testing.

Since the introduction of Boeing's longer-range 777 in early 2000, the GE90 has been the best-selling engine for that aircraft family.

Snecma of France, Avio of Italy, and IHI of Japan are participants in the GE90 development program.

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