Thursday, December 24, 2009

TAP Airbus A310 Low pass turn Portugal Airshow 2007, Evora

Watch this great performance flight performed by Cap. César Brito no less than the TAP Airbus A310 fleet last Chief Pilot.

This awesome pilot have 4.000 hours on the A310 and TAP wanted to pay the best tribute for almost 20 years of service in TAP without an accident.

The airplane involved was CS-TEI and the co-pilot of that flight was Vitor Pereira.

Captain Brito is still flying and he knows well the terrain of Evora airfield. During the airshow, co-pilot was focused in altitude of the plane and continuesly updates to Capt Brito.

Plane was overhauled before the air show to reduce the failure risk.

Enjoy the video

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