Monday, September 13, 2010

Proton Emas, Proton's idea of comfort driving

PROTON EMAS, represent Proton'sconcept of comfort driving with minimal impact on the environment.
Developed in collaboration withItaldesign Giugiaro and Lotus Egineering, is based on a plug-in hybrid drive system and was designed with the objective of optimising the available on-board space and car access ergonomics.
EMAS which means gold in Malay language actually stands for "Eco Mobile Advance Solution".
According to Proton Group MD Dato Haji Syed Zainal Abidin, "EMAS concept car projects PROTON's golden opportunity to stand in competence with global automotive market".
Proton Emas is a 5 door hatchback that emphasis on passenger comfort, because the rear seats are identical as the front seats this create 4 business class seats with only 3550 mm of total length.
The front-end has got the PROTON Shield housed in a longitudinal slot beneath the bonnet. Proton emas has 2 distinctive diamond-shaped fog lights. Located between the fog lights is the engine cooling air intake that is concealed within a dark grey trapezoid theme. Its size depends to the type of engine installed, without changing the look of the front-end.
The large wheel arches are the most recognizable and substantial aspect of the car body. The wheelbase is quite long: 2590 mm of 3550 mm car length. Therefore, the wheels are situated at the end of Proton Emas. This makes the car to look much larger than it's actual size.
The side got a belt line that drops down resolutely toward the windscreen column to improve side visibility when parking the car. The side is also beautified by a sculpted shape, enhanced by a rib which passes from the front wheel arch then swoops up toward the rear.
The B pillar is painted black to produce visual continuity with the side windows, while the C pillar has a motif based on letter E, initial letter of Emas. By incorporating lots of glass element into Proton Emas, it allow lots of light into the car.
To make the car more user friendly when paying tolls or at car parks, you only need to open the lower part of side windows. Protective sun blinds are put up in the central cross-member and extend longitudinally toward both the front and backseats.
The rear view is dominated by a ample rear window incorporating all the taillights, which uses LED technology. These are located beneath the glass and are invisible when the car is turned off. A subtle lip links both light clusters and surrounds the reversing lights and direction indicators.
When the tailgate is open, the lights are replicated by two additional tail-lights situated in the lower part of the bumpers on either side of the rear air intake.

Proton Emas, Proton's idea of comfort driving
Proton Emas, Proton's idea of comfort driving
Proton Emas, Proton's idea of comfort driving

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