Sunday, November 21, 2010

The HondaJet History

HondaJet was borne of the power of dreams, power that drove innovations in aircraft design from thought to drawing board to flight in just seven years. True innovation in aviation takes a deeper passion, a greater vision, and an enduring determination to set a higher standard in flight.

HondaJet began as an intellectual contemplation and developed into a series of questions: How could a light jet become more efficient, more elegant, more advanced?

Experimentation, exploration, and research ensued – and the HondaJet vision was realized through design innovations that create an integrated, advanced whole.

The realization of a dream is equal parts romance and pragmatism. For every hour spent sketching an elegant wing, equal time is logged building it.

And so HondaJet is remarkable not only in its ideation, but in its execution.
1997: A thought became a sketch.
1998: A sketch became a wind tunnel model.
1999: A wind tunnel model became a prototype.
2000: HondaJet’s progress was such that a new research facility was established exclusively for its development.
2003: HondaJet undertook its inaugural flight.
2005: it debuted before a global audience at EAA AirVenture.
2006: the jet became available for purchase.
2007: Honda Aircraft Company broke ground on its world headquarters, research and development facility, and aircraft plant in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Today HondaJet is aloft, an airborne testament to the power of dreams.

Maximum Cruise Speed @ FL300 >> 420KTAS
Service Ceiling >> FL 430
Rate of Climb  >>  3990 ft/min
IFR Range  >>  1180 nm
Take-off Distance  >>  3120 ft
Landing Distance  >>  2500 ft

Manufacturer / Model  >>  GE HONDA / HF120
Output  >>  1880 lb/each
Bypass Ratio  >>  2.9

HONDAJET - E x t e r n a l D i m e n s i o n s
Height  >>  13.21 ft [4.03 m]
Length  >>  41.70 ft [12.71 m]
Span  >>  39.87 ft [12.15 m]

Passengers  >>  2 crew + 5 passengers
Baggage  >>  66 cubic feet

The HondaJet History
HondaJet Exterior

The HondaJet History
HondaJet Exterior 2
The HondaJet History
HondaJet Exterior 3
The HondaJet History
HondaJet Interior 1
The HondaJet History
HondaJet Interior 2
The HondaJet History
HondaJet Interior 3

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