Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to cure eye floaters

The steps to cure eye floaters are as follows

Any eye disease you need to check with your medical doctor first. If confirm eye floater than you can follow the following steps.

You need to truly find out what is your eye disease is, whether it is ageing problem, glaucoma or others.

Read a lot about eye disease on the net or buy a book from amazon written by medical doctor. You will find out type of eye disease. I am not medical doctor.

Reduce stress. I have been find the the right solution this for few years. You need to be active. Go out, you need to see the sky and check whether the dots, or skyweb, ,  i don't right term.

Mine , is just dots... I always see and check whether it is increase or not.

You need to maintain your food intake, not to alkaline or acidic.

I am taking vitamin C, sometime soluble type...

But the right solution, if drastic increase, then consult your general clinic or eye specialist.

I manage to reduce my eye floaters by reducing stress, having bit active life style and and always take carrot juice.

Or take raw carrot juice. It take some time really to solve this problem.... Not easy...

In Shaa Allah will update next time. Have active life style....

Your eye specialist is the best to advice, get few advice . I almost 40 now, got it around 35 or something around that...

Don't expose yourself your sunlight too much ...

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